Go with the Flow

We all get to pick our life theme. I choose JOYFUL INSPIRATION!
Circumstances, parents, and financial status do not affect my theme. Only my
daily conscious choice creates my theme......and attracts people and
experiences that support it more and more and more, expanding like
fractal geometry throughout every inch of my life!
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Who are you?

As water to rain
as flames in a fire
as blood to veins
as singers in a choir
so love is in you
through and through
Now that you know
what will you do?
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Your thought is the mother
of what will be born to you.

Choose your mother well.

---Kelly Athena Richards (c) 2007
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For Giving

For giving

To forgive
does not mean to approve
it means to choose
to say thank you for giving
me this experience
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Listen to your heart

I am speaking to you
giving you clues
so everything you do
will feel good to you
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Snuggle with your heart

Your heart is the loving, wise part of you that wants to co-create a wonderful life with you. It is the gate to becoming the passionate, purposeful person you want to be.
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You might as well laugh!

Things are pretty crazy--you can either laugh or cry!
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Stars everywhere

The prongs of a saguaro cactus have a star-like quality
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I feel excitement for another day of learning, growing,
nearly exploding with the rhythm of the universe

Pastel heart painting 9"x12" by Kelly Richards
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The Interconnectedness of Life

Capillaries, riverbeds, tree branches--their patterns are all beautifully similar
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Snorkeling with a Sea Turtle

We are all a continuation of everything else:
the water in me, the ocean water, the turtle
supported by the ocean water.......... the
interconnectedness of life
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Emotions ebb and flow. Underneath we are always Light.
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I receive

I receive light into my heart. I focus on things of wonder and more wonder-ful things are attracted into my life. Wishing you the best, Kelly
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Depression slips on as easily as a glove, separating me from what I love.
In those down times, I remember a fun time like playing around on the beach
at sunset with my husband, Jackson, photographing me. I imagine I'm there
on the beach with the warm water splashing me as I run through it. Soon I'm
able to let go of depression as I'm focusing on freedom instead.

Kelly Athena Richards
Poem Line: (480) 773-7000
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Be as a child

Be as a child--open to the Universal Flow...........and it will take you where you want to go.
You know what I'm speaking of...............at your core you are Powerful Love.

This sweetie came with her family into our photography studio and we caught some fun moments with her outside.
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