Mosaic 1 by Kelly Richards 11x14 mixed media This is a lot of fun!
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Family Reunion

Relatives at the family reunion on June 30, 2007
at Kerry and Dennis Liparelli's beautiful cabin in Lamoille, Nevada

The Young sisters: Melba Winn, Beth Woodward, Val Life,
Joyce Nielson, and Linda Kutkas

We love you all!
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Young Elko Reunion

Here is a group of relatives at our family reunion on June 30, 2007.
At Kerry and Dennis Liparelli's beautiful cabin in Lamoille, Nevada

The Young Sisters: Melba, Beth, Val, Joyce, and Linda

at Beth's house in Elko, Nevada
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Portland Rose Garden

The Portland International Rose Garden--
one of my favorite places to visit!
Awe-inspiring beauty is everywhere.
(It's free, too!)
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My gorgeous husband

My cool husband, Jackson,
at the beach in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.
As seen from our lovely room
at the Surfside Motel where we have
enjoyed staying for many vacations
over the past ten years.
A refreshing way to renew
creativity and get inspired!

Jackson is a hard worker, big and strong, a good listener, interesting, intelligent, and most of all, kind!
I wrote a 2-page description of what I wanted in a man, and he appeared 16 years ago this month!
Through ups and downs, we keep reinventing our relationship as it changes with the tides of time.

Wishing you the greatest success of all: Happiness!

Kelly Athena Richards
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Canada to Mexico bicyclists Alain and Kelly

2 guys proving you can live your dream!

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Cool Cyclists!

Near Cannon Beach, Oregon, I met 2 cool guys bicycling from Victoria,
British Columbia, to Mexico!
Alain and Kelly

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You are a delightful being!

You are as beautiful as a rose
Unfolding day by day

Kelly Athena
Phoenix, Arizona

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