Thought forms

Thought forms come in all shapes and sizes.
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My Entertainment

My favorite entertainment is deep thought,
places floating beyond thought,
and enjoying the beauty of nature.
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We always have more choices than we realize!
We are not as stuck as we think we are!
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Inside You

This is what you are inside: Powerful Love!
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Growing Stronger

Each day you are growing stronger. You set your boundaries more appropriately, breaking away from that which is not safe and loving. You can say "NO" firmly and kindly to requests that do not support your Highest Good.
To Your Continued Success,
Your Dancing Heart
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You are Unlimited

You are an unlimited being in a rich universe laden with gifts for you!
You are beginning to realize how precious you are!
Congratulations, Your Dancing Heart
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Only One

It's true it only takes one
to be free
and I allow one of those ones
to be me!

Blown Away!

The tree isn't bitter when the wind
rips off
her bright dancing leaves like so much litter.
She just sits still awhile
and then sprouts again.

I Embrace Life!

Leap into action!
Follow your heart in everything you do
and you will find riches within and without!

--Kelly in Kihei, Maui
(c)2006 Kelly Athena Richards

Joyful inspiration
is my intention
day and night
to be overflowing
with light

Live your Passion

When I see you opening up to the light, I want to start unfurling too!

Plumeria in Lahaina, Maui (c)2006 Kelly Richards Connecting people with their passion!
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Viral Goodness

I am excited about my newsletter. I really want to spread hope, humor, and an "aha!" into people's lives, and this is giving me a way to do that! I am slowly learning the art of automatic sending and sign-up forms from Aweber, which was recommended to me by another site. I include a different heart art image and a short message about connecting to your heart in each newsletter. There is viral goodness as well as the annoying viral stuff out there! Cheerio, Kelly

Free Hugs

Seeing a heart painting is like getting a free hug! It touches something in your heart and opens you up a little to the compassion you have for yourself. That is the effect the Free Hugs video had on me. Wonderful in its bravery and vulnerability!

Whimsical Cactus

I have just discovered Mozilla Thunderbird email which allows me to insert a photo in the email message as easily as this blog does! I have found no other mail service that does this, such as Yahoo or Outlook or Outlook Express. With those services, it is a longer process to add a photo.

Prickly pear cactus I painted in a whimsical way!

Anyone can be a Cynic

It's easy to be a cynic--that's default mode.
It takes guts and a lot of focus to see life with a sense of wonder.
To become vulnerable and child-like and shed the safety of the cynic's shell is sheer bravery!

Dancing Hearts

Emotions expressed in more hearts!
I am having fun creating heart art for
my ebook covers.

Fire Energy: Rage to Compassion

Fire energy expressed in a pastel piece.

Rage moves on to sorrow, then to fear, regret, and then you discover understanding and compassion at the core. Emotions are meant to be expressed, not stuffed! Art is a safe yet satisfying way to express emotions.

Thirty-foot Giant Found in Superstition Mountains

I found this awesome giant saguaro on a hike a couple days ago in the Superstition Mountains, about 20 miles east of the Phoenix area.
My husband, Jack, and I took the Crosscut Trail from the First Water Trailhead road, just off Highway 89A on the way to Canyon Lake. It's a dirt road just north of Goldfield ghost town off the east side of the highway. There's a brown sign that says "First Water Trailhead." It's an easy hike with a smoother trail than many of the Superstition trails.
I've been hiking these unique desert mountains for 20 years and always feel inspired and in touch with my intuition when I'm there. A walk in the Superstitions is definitely on my How to Feel Good list.
Enjoy the hike if you're in the area!
--Kelly Richards

My Predictions for 2007

I predict a mind-boggling year
where you evict unnecessary fears,
your conflicts and afflictions shrink
as you realize you are interlinked
with everything good that is in existence
and find the Universe is at your assistance.

You drop your resistance
to receiving what you ask for,
and start believing
you are worth far more
than ever before.

I predict you will drop the doubt
that has clouded your mind
since you were eight or nine
when you first noticed
war, poverty, and pain
and thought all of life
must be in vain.

This year you’ll discover
the inner dimension
that signals connection
to worlds within and without.
It was blurry, now it’s clear
as you open up and hear.

All the years up to now
have been a sort of rehearsal.
This year emerges
with a clear outline of your purpose,
your grandest design.

I’m inclined to believe
you’ll be leaving
some old things behind
as your belief in your power
grows by leaps and bounds—
as you see who you are
is bold and profound.

You’ll be kinder than last year,
You’ll not be confined to your history
You’ll blast past everything
that has held you back
You’ll get on track
as your value and meaning
take front seat
You will finally know
you’re completely free!

So let me say sincerely,
I feel joy in what I foresee
and with all certainty
I raise my crystal ball
and toast “Cheers”
to a deeply delicious New Year!

(c)2007 Kelly Richards

Got depression? Try expression!

2006 was quite a year for me!
I recovered from cancer surgery I had in 2005. My conduct disorder-inflicted child turned 18 so it is a relief to no longer be responsible for him. I wish him all the best as an adult!
I cut way back on my photography business, and began writing and doing art again. What fun and release to express and be wildly creative! What a variety of emotions emerged! I wrote/scribbled volumes of stuff in my big blank drawing pads. Over 100 poems popped out of my heart. I took writing and art classes at Mesa Community College and learned a lot of useful stuff! I became a life coach at SWIHA (Southwest Institute for Healing Arts) in Tempe, Arizona. I published my poems as an e-book last month.
Today I uploaded a paperback version of the book to I look forward to getting a copy of it soon and then opening it up to the public!
Here is the description of the book I wrote for the back cover:

This powerful collection of insights, poems, and zingers will startle you into recognizing your own unlimited potential! With humor and raw emotions you will be propelled through an inner journey of awakening and recovery. With utter clarity, each phrase cuts to the core of life, leaving you with a strong dose of hope and wonder.
Kelly Richards is a writer, painter, photographer, and musician who has made her home in Gilbert, Arizona for twenty years. She holds master’s degrees in piano performance and photography.
Join her email family at to enjoy a weekly inspirational message. Call the Feel Good Line at (480) 773-7000 for a recorded poem changed weekly.

Kelly Richards
P.O. Box 298
Gilbert, Arizona 85299

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! Here is my poem about how I spent New Year's Eve:

At midnight we hugged and kissed, delighted
we popped the cork with New York, New York
We savored a sip, we danced and dipped
We celebrated as they dropped the ball
The whole world cheered—elated, enthralled
The year stretched before us like a Times Square marquee—
bright with endless possibility

(c)2007 Kelly Richards