Dancing Heart

Jamie and her Soaring Spirit Dancers

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The Finer Things in Life

My beloved Grandma, Amy Lee Parnum,
who encouraged
my love of gardening, reading, writing letters, and "the finer things in life" as she said.

She lived with her husband, my Grandpa, William "Billy" Edward Parnum, in Victoria,
British Columbia, Canada from the 1960's to the 1980's in a house perched on
a cliff overlooking the ocean, surrounded by their beautiful gardens.
Grandpa was a fine pianist and artist. He worked as a sign painter for B.C. Electric for many years. He created the logo for Parnum Paving, my dad's company in Ukiah, California.

My dad, E. M. "Sam" Parnum, moved to California around 1950, after serving in the Canadian Navy in WW II in the N. Atlantic, and graduating from the University of British Columbia with degrees in engineering and forestry. He lived in Ukiah until his early passing away from cancer on May 11, 1977.
Grandma and Grandpa had 4 children: Shirley, who lives in Ontario, and Sam, Ruth, and John, who have now passed on. They started their family in Winnipeg, and moved to Vancouver around 1930.
Grandpa was raised in Sandwich, England, where his father was a toy store owner, his grandpa, John Parnum, was a church organist, and his grandma was a piano teacher. No genealogy has been traced further than that generation.

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Your Heart

There are over one trillion cells in your heart
supporting you. Inside each one are more
than a trillion swirling atoms, each a
miniature universe saying, "I Love You!"

www.mydancingheart.com Kelly Heart
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The Light

You leave light wherever you journey!
Thank you!

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